On Pause Until August

last week of classes

Community-based yoga means sometimes our venue isn’t available. Sooooo…this is the last week of classes until August. 

While part of me feels guilty and gutted about leaving my post during these harrowing times, another part of me is more sure than ever that we’re in a marathon, a decathalon…heck, we’re in a multi-sport, endurance-building-and-mettle-testing event the likes of which we’ve never known.

Our fight has not been short, nor will it be. All of us are needed in the fight, all of us are called to be doing the work that is ours to do, in order to keep our hearts open and our hands ready to work for collective liberation, true healing and transformative justice.

I will see you in the streets. And in the meantime, we’ll be together in our hearts.

updated glb

About bienestarte

Patty Adams is a bilingual clinical social worker, as well as an experienced yoga teacher and anti-oppression trainer. She is devoted to intersectional organizing, liberation, holistic healing arts, and wellness.
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