Belonging in the Body: Somatics and Freedom

19 May 2019 | Sunday | 2:30 – 5:00pm | Durham, NC

Build a stronger relationship with yourself & your community while increasing your capacity for navigating shift & change.

In this popular-education space, participants will co-create a space for embodied exploration & shared authentic experience. This is an offering that we hope will increase our mutual understanding of survival responses & paths towards more embodied freedom and collective wholeness.

In this space, you will be invited to:

  • Deepen your understanding of the language of your body. Increase your capacity to understand and respond to sensations.
  • Explore basics of the nervous system including terminology, energetic states, and self-regulation tools for increasing resilience.
  • Learn somatic tools to respond mindfully to challenges and shifts, rather than reacting from a place of activation.

Suggested $10-30. Reach out to us if this doesn’t feel accessible and you need to discuss other options.

Co-hosted by Patty Adams (Liberation Healing Arts and Yoga for Queers) and Jen Skees.

About Patty

Patty is a cis queer white woman who has been working at the intersections of social movement and healing for more than 15 years. In addition to her work as a clinical social worker, she offers trauma-informed and inclusive yoga, and incorporates her training in addiction recovery, studies of Ayurvedic medicine, Somatic Experiencing, and other healing modalities into her practice. Patty is bilingual, and offers therapy in both English and Spanish. Patty’s clinical work focuses on working with folks in the LGBTQQIA+ communities, as well as people who are challenged by emotional regulation, in recovery from substance use, with complex trauma, and experiencing anxiety and depression. Her worldview and her therapy practice are rooted in anti-oppression values including anti-racism, anti-patriarchy, anti-capitalism, and collective liberation. She is also a co-founding worker-owner of tilde Language Justice Collective.

About Jen

Jen was born into a family of farmers and teachers spanning central and rural Kentucky. She is a social worker, artist, politicized healer, river wader, and risk taker. Jen believes in a world where transformation and collective liberation are possible. She is committed to a radical love ethic in which human dignity is honored and in which we can all thrive. Jen first became politicized through queer and feminist anti-racist organizing as a teenager and has been working at the intersection of healing and justice for more than 20 years. With an MSW in International Social Work and Human Rights, Jen has worked primarily advocating for a just and equitable society alongside people who have been forcibly displaced and have survived trafficking and war. After working within the non-profit industrial complex for over a decade, Jen saw how quickly people become disembodied and ill within the movement. She now strives to discover authentic and just ways to confront this problem and to collectively heal. Jen’s background in yoga, holistic health, reiki, popular education, and community organizing inform her life and work as a politicized healer and educator. She is currently a student with generative somatics and somatic experiencing. You’ll often find her sharing stories with dear ones, reading off an overly high stack of books or basking along the Eno River.

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Pop-up Handstand Class

hand stand pop up classCelebrate the return of the light with a special handstand class!

6 – 7:30PM
906 Broad St, Durham

90 minute class | All-Levels | Handstands on Deck (optional!)

In the past, I ALWAYS offered a space for handstand in my classes, but in our current location we get a little too cozy sometimes to make this viable.


I am adding a special, limited-enrollment pop-up class next week on Monday, 3/11 from 6-7:30pm. This will be an all-levels class that will DEFINITELY include space and time for an (optional) exploration of handstand, including the actions and exercises to help you get ready to approach this exciting-and-terrifying pose. With limited enrollment, we’ll all have plenty of wall space and wiggle room.  


Space is limited to 12 yogis  // pre-book suggested // Drop-ins only if space allows.
Three price points – go to my online store for tickets.

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Yoga is for you.

english language day (1)


Q: Who is yoga for, anyway? 
A: People who have bodies. People who want healing. People who need space to feel their feelings and support to own their truths. People who want connection with themselves and others. People seeking relief from pain – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual. People seeking access to greater calm and peace. People navigating trauma in all its infinite forms. People who want to celebrate life and everything their bodies *can* do.
Is yoga for you?
Come find out!
Yoga for Queers and Misfits / InQlusive Yoga.
Weekly | Wednesdays | 5:45 – 7:05 | By Donation, Suggested $13 – 20, All are welcome.
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I believe (in) you.

A healing space for survivors.

frizzkidart.grive on your terms

image from @frizzkidart on instagram

We are hurt and horrified.
We are devastated and demoralized.
We are reeling and raging.

Of course we are.

And we have a right to be. We have a right to all of our feelings. We have a right to hold space in whatever ways we need, to honor the latest in a long line of assaults on all our bodies and hearts and souls.

We will fight back, yes.
We will rise up, Yes.
We will stay in the struggle. YES. YES. YES.

But right now, we also need spaces for grief. For being seen in our fullness, in the depths of our despair. For being together — if we want or need to — in this moment.

You are invited to a healing circle. This will be a trauma-informed space for folks needing community and connection. This space is for survivors, and is open to folks of all identities.

The design is emerging, but it may include simple and approachable ways of connecting with the body and breath, as well as space for reflection and mutual care.

Your space-holders are Maggie MacLeod and Patty Adams, two queer-identified, white women healers drawing on body-based approaches to healing including yoga and movement therapies, as well as traditional talk therapy and mindfulness approaches.

Wednesday 10/10 from 7:30 – 9pm
906 Broad St, Durham
By Donation: Suggested $0-25
Space is limited.
Please complete the simple RSVP process to help us prepare and to ensure we have space for everyone.

Go here to make a stand-alone donation to support this event, even if you cannot make it.

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Weathering the Storms

come back home to your body

Weekly Class Schedule

Wednesdays, 5:45 – 7:05pm
Yoga for Queers and Misfits / InQlusive Yoga
Donation-based, inclusive, all-levels yoga centering Queer and Trans folks
Current Location: Health Associates, 906 Broad St, Durham
Potential Venue change coming in Fall 2018 – Please stay tuned



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On Pause Until August

last week of classes

Community-based yoga means sometimes our venue isn’t available. Sooooo…this is the last week of classes until August. 

While part of me feels guilty and gutted about leaving my post during these harrowing times, another part of me is more sure than ever that we’re in a marathon, a decathalon…heck, we’re in a multi-sport, endurance-building-and-mettle-testing event the likes of which we’ve never known.

Our fight has not been short, nor will it be. All of us are needed in the fight, all of us are called to be doing the work that is ours to do, in order to keep our hearts open and our hands ready to work for collective liberation, true healing and transformative justice.

I will see you in the streets. And in the meantime, we’ll be together in our hearts.

updated glb

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CSY: Community-Supported Yoga?

New Class | Fund Appeal

Summer is a time of exploration, of playing with what’s possible in the peak pulsation.

As we build towards Summer Solstice, each day we are being gifted more light and energy with which to pursue the desires of our hearts and the dharma of our souls.


In honor of summer, I’m adding a special Saturday series for June. Join me Saturday mornings, June 2 – 30th from 10-11:20am for an extra chance each week to explore community-centered and inclusive yoga for all. More here.

This year is also a time of renewed commitment for me to the work of community-based and collective practices of healing. So I’m redoubling my efforts to get the skills and tools I need to take my own dharma to the next level.

In this year, I am exploring training in two different approaches to yoga for trauma, along with a public health model for teaching trauma resilience, and embarking on a three-year (or more!) certification program in body-based trauma healing. 

So I’m reaching out to ask for your help with a small experiment. For nearly 8 years, I have centered my yoga offerings around a model I call “community-centered yoga.” And I’m hoping we can take that to the next level with Community-Supported Yoga. Similar to a Community-Supported Agriculture model, this approach asks you all – my community and my base – to support this work by paying for your yoga in advance.

I’m offering a few Unlimited Options for June, for those who have the capacity and interest. These are only good for classes in June 2018, but I am offering 10 classes this month! And it’s the easiest way to support yourself and me – you get the motivation to do a bunch of yoga, I get the up-front financial support I need to fund my training efforts.

I’m also offering multi-class passes priced at a sustainer model. All my classes are donation-based, and folks are still welcome to drop-in and pay on the sliding scale. These up-front class purchases, available in multiple increments and price points, are just another way for you to front-load your support for me while incentivizing your own participation in the life-giving practice of yoga.

Finally, you can also just make a straight-up donation to support my efforts without expecting anything in return. This would, quite frankly, be amazing.

If you’re interested, hop on over to my Square store!

And I hope to see you on the mat. Class schedule here.

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