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“What is not transformed, is transferred.”  – Richard Rohr

I believe that each person is the expert in their own experience, and that everyone has what they need inside themselves to experience fullness and freedom in this life, right now.

I believe all people and all communities should have healing arts and traditions available to them which which are appropriate, accessible, and transformative for them.

My name is Patty Adams.  I have worked for more than twenty years with a variety of communities throughout the US and the Americas, in solidarity with and as an accomplice to the searches and struggles within those communities for healing justice and conflict transformation.

My training CV

come back home to your bodyAdditional Credits

  • Co-founding worker-owner of tilde Language Justice Cooperative
  • Founder/organizer of Yoga for Queers and Misfits, since 2010
  • Contributor to forthcoming anthology on intersections of spiritual practice and social justice, by Jardana Peacock
  • Lead facilitator, Trauma-Informed Interpreter Training, December 2018
  • Co-leader of social justice yoga workshops with student leaders at UNC-Pembroke
  • Keynote leader, Embodied Leadership Summit, February 2018
  • Founding member of local chapter of SURJ – Showing Up for Racial Justice in the Triangle area, Convening member of the Coordinating Council, 2017-18

Currently, my work for collective liberation manifests in several main ways:

  • As a mental health practitioner – a therapist working with folks from many communities including members of the LGBTQIA communities, people who are coping with trauma, and folks experiencing compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma due to work in social justice, social movement, or social service settings
  • As a community-based yoga teacher, offering sliding scale and otherwise accessible/affordable yoga to everyone, especially folks who don’t always feel welcome or comfortable practicing in mainstream yoga spaces
  • As a community healing artist combining the wisdom streams of intersectional anti-racist/anti-oppression/collective liberation work with yoga, trauma stewardship/trauma healing, and self-care/sustainability.
  • As a freelance language justice advocate and interpreter (Spanish-English)

Through my work for global justice and conflict transformation, I have seen the impact that trauma and accumulated disease (dis-ease!) can have on the holistic health and well-being of individuals, communities, and societies.  Inspired by a desire to contribute to the longevity of communities and movements, I sought further training in a variety of techniques for the transformation of pain and trauma on the physical and emotional levels.   I continue to offer yoga as a powerful tool for self-healing and also offer bodywork as a way of facilitating the healing of all types of illness and pain, to assist all people in enjoying a profound quality of life and renewed vitality.

My past work has included:

  • Organizer-leader with SURJ – Showing Up for Racial Justice in the Triangle area
  • Bodyworker specializing in trauma-informed Thai massage
  • Organizing for farmworker rights with Student Action with Farmworkers

I have pursued training in Norad Boran (Traditional Thai Massage) in both the United States and in Thailand and have offered this therapeutic healing art throughout the Americas.

I have also practiced yoga for more than 15 years and taught for more than 12.  I have primarily trained in the Anusara© style of yoga and have completed over 500 credit-hours including Immersions, Teacher Trainings, and practice hours.  I am eternally grateful to all my teachers for their devotion to the Teachings, their faith in me, and their endless love and selfless service.

The Universe has blessed me many incredible teachers, especially the many practitioners who have honored me with their presence in my classes and taught me so much:

  • incarcerated gang members in El Salvador;
  • women survivors of violence in Nicaragua;
  • yoga lovers in Bogotá, Colombia;
  • queer folks in and around Durham, NC; and
  • healing artists, advocates/activists/organizers/rebels/revolutionaries and cultural workers the world over.

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