Mental Health – Salud Mental

As of September 2022, I have immediate openings on my caseload. Please complete my referral form, or email me at to inquire.

pa.headshot.seriousI can see clients who communicate in Spanish and/or English.  I have clinical competence in supporting folks from LGBTQQIA+ communities, people invested in the work of social movements/social change, as well as people who are survivors of trauma, people who struggle with emotional regulation, and people who need support with recovery from addictive and self-destructive behaviors, among other competence areas.

I offer a limited number of lower cost sessions, which I prioritize for supporting work with LGBTQQIA+ clients and People of Color clients. Please email to inquire about reduced fee spaces. 

More on my work

My life and work experiences also make me uniquely positioned to provide culturally competent support to individuals who work in social justice and social movement spaces, as I understand first-hand many of the dynamics which are present in revolutionary and radical spaces.  Further, my work is informed by an anti-racist, anti-oppression, and anti-patriarchal ethos.

It may take you time to find a therapist who is a good fit for you, and even if you discover that working with me is not the right choice for you, I will strive to help connect you with the appropriate resources.

Getting the most out of remote sessions

Please keep these things in mind when planning for a remote session:

  • Ensure that you are in a private, safe, and confidential environment. This might involve proactive conversations with housemates, partners, children, or others with whom you share space. I am happy to work with you to explore your options.
  • Test the strength of the internet connection before hand. Telehealth requires strong signal strength to support the real-time audio and video streaming. Locate yourself as close to your wifi router as possible to increase signal strength.
  • Preferably, use a device that you can set down at eye level for your session and not hold it. This might take creative use of props like books, boxes, etc. Holding your device during session will create additional obstacles to accessing the full benefits of treatment. Additionally, it may increase the likelihood that you are tempted to toggle between apps and “multi-task,” which would be detrimental to the therapeutic interaction.
  • Close all other tabs and programs on your device, to reduce the temptation to multitask/toggle, and to increase the strength of your signal. When the session begins, expand the window to the largest size possible so it is the only thing visible on your device, then place your device outside of arms reach. 
  • Treat this as a regular session – continue to build in buffers before and after your session, as much as possible, to help you integrate the work of your session. As always, I encourage you to have a notebook on hand to take notes and help you remember the lessons you want to integrate.
  • Get a glass of water or make yourself coffee/tea before session, just as you would in my office.
  • If you have a white noise machine to create an increased sound barrier, please consider using it if appropriate. Ideal placement is outside the door to the room/space you are in. If that’s not possible, you can place it inside the room with you, but with the sound output facing towards the door (away from you). Ideally you are not using your cell phone for the encounter, so you can also consider downloading a white noise app or just putting on low music near any doors to increase a sense of privacy. 
  • Additionally, if it’s safe and appropriate to do so, the use of headphones can help create a greater sense of connection and focus, while also ensuring that only you can hear what I’m saying.
  • Note that the first session often includes some working out of technical difficulties; I think you in advance for your patience as we make this transition. To the best of my ability, I will build in buffers in my schedule so that if we start late, we will be able to go a little bit late so that you can get your full session time.