I offer the following services and skills. I offer these in English and/or Spanish.
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  • Mental Health/Psychotherapy – private practice in Central Durham
  • Yoga – public, private or semi-private yoga
  • Facilitation of meetings, workshops, events, retreats
  • Interpretation (spoken translation) between English and Spanish
  • Workshops on self-care and sustainability
  • Ayurvedic Consultation
  • Consulting and Mentoring with yoga teachers and therapists

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Statement on Black Liberation and the Movement for Black Lives

While I believe that you all know this about me already through the work that we do together, I want to state clearly and unequivocally my support for the Movement for Black Lives, and all the work that Black people are doing to demand their rights to life, freedom, and self-determination. Through the visionary, bold, courageous, enduring and generative organizing of Black people in this country (throughout its entire sordid history), as well as through the everyday work of Black people simply trying to live and thrive under white supremacy and inside of anti-Black racism, we will all get free.  And we will get free by courageously collaborating and clandestinely co-conspiring alongside Indigenous People, non-Black People of Color, and white accomplices, led by Black people and those most affected by systems of oppression. 

We can’t do everything, but we must do something. Each of our work inside these systems is different depending on our identities, capacities, and social locations. We must explore and embrace the work that is ours to do. While we are not individually responsible for the systems we are struggling within, I believe we can and must take individual and collective action to dismantle these systems.

None of us is free until all Black people are free, including Black transgender, queer, gender nonconforming and two-spirit folks, Black disabled folks, and Black poor and working class folks. None of us is free until all Black people are free, including Black sex workers, Black survivors, Black people ensnared by the criminal injustice system and Prison Industrial Complex, Black people with mental health diagnoses, with chronic illness, and mental illness, and Black workers. None of us is free until all Black people are free.

Beyond endorsing the Movement, I also continue to take steps to try and be in right relationship with my power and privilege as – among other things – a white person. Here are some of the actions I am taking:

  • During the summer, I offered free sessions to my Black clients as a small measure of reparation.
  • I shared 35% of the monies generated from my Somatics for Queers series this summer to local, regional and national Black liberation, QTPOC, and other justice groups, including The Okra Project, Durham Beyond Policing, Spirithouse, Earthseed Collective, Queer Nature, BYP100, NC Mutual Herb project, and SVA’s Queer Mobilization fund.
  • The remaining funds were routed to my Thrive for All Fund, which helps subsidize sliding scale therapy sessions and donation-based yoga for folks who need them. I also conduct ongoing grassroots fundraising to replenish the Fund and continue to subsidize these sliding scale, donation-based, and pro bono offerings.
  • I prioritize my sliding scale slots to BIPOC and QTPOC folks.
  • I engage in ongoing work to explore my own white identity and other power-holding identities in multiracial contexts, through paying cultural workers, facilitators, and other leaders of color who offer these important services and opportunities.
  • I do politicized racial identity work with other white people seeking to dismantle internalized racial superiority, white body supremacy, and white supremacy ideology. This includes seeking for accountable ways to leverage individual and collective political power, and by participating in collective action for political and social change.

I welcome any questions or comments about the above, and am happy to provide further information if requested.