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No upcoming evens planned, but please join me for weekly yoga classes in Durham.

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Embodied Anti-Oppression Practice

Saturday, 12/17 from 2-5pm
Durham Yoga Company, 502 Rigsbee in downtown Durham.
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By Donation.

This is a challenging time. Many of us are still reeling, still cycling through trauma and grief responses. This is absolutely understandable and totally appropriate – get what you need in this time!

Many of us also need spaces that help us accept the truth of what is right now, and help us practice interrupting the kinds of oppression and violence that are increasing in this era.  We need practices which help us understand our own fear responses, for understanding how to gauge safety vs. comfort, and for increasing our capacity for engagement.

In order to challenge the white supremacist ideology that we have a right to be comfortable and an obligation to be polite, we must examine how that lives in our bodies and shows up in our relationships – towards the end of developing skills and tools which can increase our capacity to engage in a variety of situations – from interrupting “casual” incidences of oppressive language to more aggressive forms of discrimination, antagonism, and violence.

This workshop offers:

  • Space to be together in community
  • A trauma-informed analysis of this moment
  • Anti-oppression praxis opportunities

In this space we will:

  • Offer a short analysis about how we got to where we are (political/social context)
  • Introduce basic model of trauma, rooted in an anti-oppression analysis, and help folks contextualize their individual and collective responses to this moment, as well as helping folks assess what they need in this time to recover and get/stay involved
  • Offer grounding techniques rooted in embodiment, yoga, and somatic practices
  • Engage in roll-playing to help us understand where and how we are challenged by the spaces we’re in, and how we can move beyond comfort to take risks and engage in the ways we are being called to right now to stand up and protect/defend each other
  • Encourage folks to understand what bold and courageous action looks like for each of us right now, and figure out ways to support that going forward.

Based on feedback from the first time offering this workshop on 11/20, we’re sharing this framework as well of what the workshop isn’t and what it is (or aims to be).

What this workshop ISN’T:

  • Yoga class
  • Nonviolent Direct Action Training
  • (Strictly speaking) A de-escalation training
  • Anti-Racism 101 / Anti-Oppression 101
  • Action/Strategy session
  • Marshal training
  • Primarily a space for discussion (though some may arise)

These things are all valid, they are just not primarily what the Embodied Anti-Oppression Practice workshop is about. If you’re interested in the above, there are will be upcoming opportunities to engage in some of these.

What this workshop IS (or aims to be):

  • Community- and skill-building space
  • Trauma-informed space
  • Space to practice interrupting challenging words and behaviors
  • Accountable to relationships across intersections
  • Meant to build courage and foment action
  • Prompt for deeper self-reflection, self-awareness, ongoing work

Open to all. No movement/yoga experience needed. By Donation. Proceeds will go to support local People of Color-led racial and economic work, and to Triangle SURJ, which has a Resource Steward Team, a mixed-class team making decisions about how to manage the resources that flow in to and out of TSURJ in accordance with values and relationships of accountability. Details of the disbursement of proceeds will be published on this event page following the event. A small portion will go to the lead trainer to support her livelihood.

Please wear comfortable clothing suitable for movement.

Host and Lead Trainer Patty Adams organizes locally with Triangle SURJ, a multiracial coalition to bring white folks into the struggle for racial justice. She is also an experienced yoga teacher, psychotherapist, facilitator and anti-oppression trainer. She is offering this workshop in the spirit of taking bold action and encouraging others to do the same. More about Patty at Liberation Healing Arts.

Co-host and Co-trainer Kristen Cox also organizes with Triangle SURJ and has years of experience in embodied practice including dance and other forms of conscious embodiment and cultural organizing work.